Oxygen Administration and AED

Oxygen Administration and AED


Oxygen first aid in dive accidents (and use of Automated External Defibrillator).

The course is designed to train the general diving public ( and non diving public) to recognise signs and symptoms of major Dive accidents. It will cover how to provide oxygen to injured scuba divers at the highest possible concentration whilst alerting the relevant local emergency services effectively.

The course introduces the use of non rebreather masks, pocket masks and non resuscitator demand valve oxygen units as well as going into the physiology of AGE, decompression sickness and secondary drowning. It also looks at the stats for delay to calling emergency services and also delay to receiving recompression. It is classroom based with dry practical sessions with one or more O2 units. We have started teaching the use of the RescuEAN unit which is useful before an Oxygen Administration kit is available or if there is no O2 kit at all as it can be used in combination with a standard Nitrox set up and any Oxygen on the dive site can be used above 21 percent.

We will provide all the student notes in an A4 page format as well as all the following Powerpoint presentations:

  • 2 hour Automated External Defibrillation course if taught seperately from main oxygen course £15
  • Oxygen administration course £60 (AED extra £10)

Courses can be arranged by mutual agreement for groups or companies with a minimum of six people. Discounts are also available for larger groups. Courses can also be taught 'on-site' at your own location subject to sufficient numbers being available. Individuals can be catered for. If there is any information you require not contained in the brochure please contact our training department on 0161 223 5102 or email us for available dates and any further information required.

The next arranged oxygen administration and AED course may be on the course date page or please phone for details as we can run them as the need arises.